Our Production Company offers service in the area of manufacturing of plastic cards.

Our activities are following:

  • manufacturing of discount cards,
  • insurance cards
  • banking cards,
  • payment in advance cards,
  • as well as any kind of plastic cards.
plastic cards

We are performing any personalization by the way of:

  • embossing,
  • numbering,
  • bar code,
  • laying on scratch-panel,
  • strip for signature,
  • coding of magnetic strip,
  • covering by foil.

Main organizational principles in our production process are following:

  • using of proffesional equipment,
  • observe of technology,
  • ordering delivery of technologic materials from relyable producers,
  • and performing of final quality control.

In relations with our customers we are prefering long-term partnership, to nonreccuring profit. Average cards printing-time is from 3 to 7 working days, we aply principle of fixed price, also printing according to special requirements of customers, cost-free manufacturing of the final dummy of plastic card.

At the end, we bear responsibility for our products during all service-life. We are not offering minimum prices of our plastic cards products, and are not aiming to offer cheapest services on the market. Why? It is simple. There is no reason to await any miracle, that means, when you are offering price lower the average on the market, you are usualy saving cost against the detriment of quality of plastic material, or other needed materials, maybe you are simlplyfying technologic process, or you are speeding production process against the demage of quality of products, or you save serving personnel, for example on the stage of final quality control. Dumping prices disable to make investition and advancement. At the end, it means that customer will obtain product, that do not meet latest level of plastic card quality as well as safety of their personalization. One of the most priority question, is to reach resonable compromise.

The way to make it true is delivering of plastic directly from the producer, applying more progressive and lower cost technologies of plastic cards production.

Fabrication plastic cards

We would like to inform you about some principles that we are keeping in every-day production practice.

  1. Full scale of production (100 %) is performed on our own production line – it is our principal standpoint. Only by this way we can ensure requested level quality and safety of informations.
  2. We are offering full complex of service, starting by design project ( if needed), to production of final product.
  3. We apply worked out system of preparing and checking of dummy. We are keeping in mind that there is importante, not only to meet needed parameters, but also strong will to achieve beautiful and qualitative results. If there is possibility to print the ordered products better after making some corrections on the dummy, than we surely inform your designer - to do it. We are also checking all the information coating on the plast card, that are subsequently readed by scanner. Our staff are not indiferent to customers. You should not hear something like: „how it will be done on your dummy, so we will be printing“. Or next: „Bar code can not be readed? So, why do you made it in the dummy so small“? Our position is clear – customer may not enter in the details of the matter, it must be a job of professional – to foresee (or remove) possible mistakes and problems on the stage of printing agrement.
  4. We never renounce responsibility for our work during all service life. In contraversial situations it is taken the desition, which is favorable for customer. If ommision is on the side of customer, we surely will find any way to reduce his demage, so we will decide the problem to satisfy customer.
  5. In view of using professional equipment we are able to perform orders in shortest period in highest quality and for a good price.

We are ready to provide all necessary consultations in full range, and free of charge. This servis does not depends of it, if you are applying order at our or other company. The consultations concern only technical matters. They do not bear character of any advertisment of our company, not in apparent as well as hidden form.

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